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To stay in shape while on vacation.

Relaxing is great and it's the first thing we look for while we're on vacation. But in order to get back to everyday working life we must try to stay in shape, leading a healthy and active lifestyle even while we're on vacation.

This is why the Park Hotel Principe provides its guests with a fitness center of over 100 sqm, the Leo club, and a multitude of outdoor activities, which take advantage of the vast resources found all over the entire Swiss territory.

The Leo Club is a fully equipped facility, open daily from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. Every day guests can take part in innovative courses including cardio fitness, Surfset fitness, Ski Simulator and Body Sutra, as well as yoga classes and outdoor activities such as Tennis, Fit Walking and Biking. A sauna is available in order to recover from the strenuous exercises.

Fitness Center


At the Leo Club, every day from 7.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m. guests can take part in a series of courses designed to keep them fit during their vacation. Internationally renowned fitness experts are available, following the guest's every move. They also provide private indoor and outdoor lessons.

There is also a sauna, free for hotel guests.



The Park Hotel Principe also has two open air tennis courts with synthetic turf.

Guests may use these courts for free, subject to reservations. For a fee, guests may also take tennis lessons with an instructor. For children from 4 to 12 years of age there are also group lessons.



Yoga is a discipline that aims to develop the harmony of body, mind and the human spirit. In recent years, also at the Leo Club guests can take part in yoga classes with a qualified instructor. Lessons may be booked outside or inside the facility and are dedicated to both beginners and experts.

Fit Walking

Fit Walking

Fitwalking is "the art of walking" and the word itself says it all, walk to stay physically fit. Walking in the surrounding areas of the hotel, along the paths that wind along the Collina d'Oro, is not only pleasant but healthy as well. Book your group session and walk to discover this corner of Ticino.



The Collina d'Oro is an area that lends itself to be explored. What's better than exploring it while riding a bicycle? To fully enjoy the beauty of this area, the Principe provides free power-assisted pedal bicycles that come in two sizes (man and woman).

As always we recommend you book your bicycle in advance. Helmet available on request. The battery lasts for about 60km.